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Jeffrey Lanters
Front-end / game developer and all-round designer
based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands |
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Jeffrey Lanters and horse Utopia
Me and my horse Utopia
About me /
Co-founder and CTO at Hulan
My interest in game development started from an early age, as did my first experiences in programming and development through personal projects and initiatives. Whilst completing my studies in Game Development and Game Design, I professionalized in developing games through my many hobbies, freelance projects and the earning of certificates.

I now work full time at the gamification-oriented business Hulan Studio, which Rob Hulsen and I founded in early 2015. With growing knowledge of programming and interests in all areas of games and applications - for both entertainment and education - I look forward to a refreshing and innovative future.

I believe that it is most important that a game developer knows a wide range of development tools. Especially photo editing and 3D modeling software since you need knowledge of both of these even though you rarely work with them.

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My portfolio /
My most recent design and development projects,
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Henra Configurator
The Henra Configurator allows customers to customize and view all the posibile options and combinations of the vehicles Henra owns before make a purchasement.
programming, design
web application
Pillo Play
The official Pillo games launcher. An kioks application with a dashboard and home for all the Pillo games, customers can use this launcher for quickly accesing the games and admins can manage new games and updates.
programming, design
native application
Pagegen is a simple to use NodeJS based website builder. It takes away the work it takes to build websites such as create pages and managing content without the use of a complex and bulky content magement system but foccused on developers.
open-source library
Mission Quest
The navigation and gamification app for the Gamification Conference 2017. Besides a simple navigation app for the conference, the app adds a whole new layer over the real world with quests to do, coins to earn and prices to win!
programming, design
Made for Pillo. Race together with the Pillo controllers, lean and push to ski down the hill. Collect as many coins as posible by teaming up.
Startup Game
Start-Up Smart is the serious game that will guide you towards your own business! Practice shows that most start-ups question themselves, 'Where do I start'? Start-Up Smart gives you playfully with all the information you need to get started at your own pace with your business idea.
programming, design